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07 Feb 2010 - Swish3 talk at Frozen Perl 2010

Peter Karman gave a talk on Swish3 at the Frozen Perl 2010 conference. The slides are available here: There is also example code with the presentation, available via svn.

4 April 2009 - Version 2.4.7 released

Long overdue, version 2.4.7 was released today. See the Changes file for details.

NOTE: There was never an official 2.4.6 release although the 2.4.6 tar.gz file was available on the website for the last year. The reason was because the Windows build process was broken and we were waiting on that to announce 2.4.6. Version 2.4.7 includes a fix for the Windows build process, and there is a Windows version 2.4.7 available. The version was bumped to make it clear to anyone that downloaded the 2.4.6 tar.gz file that this is a new release.

November 13, 2007 - The State of Swish-e

It's been nearly a year since the last official release. Lest folks think Swish-e is just gathering dust we thought we would do a little "state of the project" summary to get folks up to speed on where we are.

There are currently 4 people regularly contributing to Swish-e. Bill Moseley is the project leader; David Norris handles all the Windows builds; Jose Ruiz has been working on the 2.6 branch; and Peter Karman has been working on the 3.0 version.

The 2.6 branch

As documented on the development page, the 2.6 version of Swish-e will offer a stable incremental index format and deprecate several features of the 2.4 branch. You can check out the 2.6 branch from the Subversion repository to see our progress. The 2.6 branch uses the Berkeley database for storage. There is currently no timeline for when an official 2.6 release will happen.

Version 3.0

Peter has been working on the next major version of Swish-e in fits and starts for a couple of years. Version 3.0 marks a significant change in the architecture and will support Unicode and offer a variety of backend storage formats. See the development page and the development wiki for more details.

How you can help

Version 3.0 is at the point where several API decisions need to be made. Even if you don't code in C, you can contribute by:

  • reviewing the existing documentation
  • testing the existing code to see if it builds correctly (passes tests) in your local environment
  • contributing tests

January 22, 2007 - Swish-e Release 2.4.5

This is a maintenance release to fix a few small bugs. Please see the CHANGES file for information.

This release was announced on Jan 29, 2007

October 11, 2006 - Swish-e Release 2.4.4

After almost two years, Swish-e 2.4.4 is now available on the Swish-e download page. Please see 2.4.4 documentation for details of this release. 2.4.4 includes a few new features, bug fixes, and documentation updates. Please review the Changes file before upgrading.

Verson 2.4.x includes a redesigned C API and an associated Perl module SWISH::API. Please review the documentation before updating if you are using the old Perl module or the pre-2.4.0 C interface to Swish-e. This will not effect most existing users of Swish-e.

Feb 3, 2005

New site unveiled!

December 09, 2004 - Swish-e Release 2.4.3

This is old news, now

Dec 8, 2004

Official spelling arbitrarily and undemocratically decided. It's Swish-e, not SWISH-E, swish-e, or SWISH-Enhanced. Usage will be fixed as discovered.

Dec 3, 2004

Version 2.4.3pr1 is now available.

May 4, 2004 - Swish-e at USENIX and YAPC::NA

Josh Rabinowitz made a presentation about Swish-e at this summer's USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Boston on July 1st, and also at the Yet Another Perl Conference in Buffalo, New York on June 18th.

From Josh's talk description: "Perl's text handling prowess coupled with Swish-e's special features and perl API provide a substantial and robust system upon which to build searching systems. In this talk we'll cover Swish-e core concepts and we'll also discuss non-trivial real world examples including Sman, a real-world open source project that uses Swish-e and perl to provide an enhanced version of 'man -k' and 'apropos' (see, it will likely appear on CPAN before long), and 'swished', a mod_perl-based concurrent and persistent swish-e server written by Josh and to be open sourced around the time of conference. Such a server has long been on the Swish-e "to do" list. We'll also compare MySQL4's Full Text Search with Swish-e indices interms of features and performance, with graphs of the relative responsetime for the two indexing mechanisms when tested under various size indices, queries, and numbers of concurrent searches." More info on the talks can be found here: