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[swish-e] swish 2.4.7 on RaspberryPi(Raspian)

From: at <Frances>
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2013 20:51:18 +0100
after a complete upgrade to all packages inc GCC from the supplied 
version on SDCard dated Oct 2012 to the current release (required over 
4hr clock time!) + a fresh install of swish-e from depository  I can 
report that 2.4.7 now seems to index correctly - as all libraries + 
compiler were updated I can't easily determine which had the error.
I may now try to re-install the latest swish over the next couple of 
days having a working base on which to build + will report if any problems
Please reply to editor(at)

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Received on Sun Jun 09 2013 - 19:51:36 GMT