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[swish-e] Swish 2.4.7 on RaspberryPi

From: at <Frances>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 20:49:22 +0100
a little more debugging info
indexing a single file still produces problems

having selected just a single leaf file in my tree (abt 10,000 htm 
files) this reports:
   Writing word data: Complete
629 unique words indexed.
4 properties sorted.
1 file indexed.  61,199 total bytes.  4,372 total words.
which is correct

the only useful debug is given with -T INDEX_WORDS_FULL
  Meta:1 cd_only/cbook/as/q1703cb.htm Freq:1 Pos/Struct:2424/9

  Meta:1err: Failed to seek to properties located at 107 for file number 
0 : Invalid argument

not sure quite what this means -is it an error in swish or a library ? 
or the SD card providing the memory (tho this tests ok for everything 
else + no other package has given any problems so far (Apache2, python + 
several smaller packages seem fine)
the swish-e package was down loaded from the usual depository and as in 
previous message indexing using prebuilt index files works fine for the 
largest index I can throw at it

Please reply to editor(at)

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