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[swish-e] new features in libswish3

From: at <Peter>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 20:08:42 -0600
If you haven't tried Swish3 yet, here's a few recent features that have been
added to the daily builds that you might want to take for a spin:

    * add new value 'autoall' for UndefinedMetaTags. The 'autoall' value
      will automatically create both MetaNames and PropertyNames for
      newly discovered tags. The 'auto' value continues to create

    * add default parser mapping for text/xml -> XML parser.
      application/xml (W3C official mime) was already mapped.
    * port Swish-e support for noindex/index comment tags.

    * add support for TagAlias for entire DOM tree, so that (e.g.) you can now
      alias something like:

         <MetaNames><foo /></MetaNames>

      in order to pinpoint precise DOM relatioships for MetaNames or
      PropertyNames. The config above would match:

     <baz>some content</baz>
    <baz>other stuff</baz>

      and the terms "some" and "content" would be indexed under the MetaName
      "foo" while "other" and "stuff" would be in "swishdefault".

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