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[swish-e] _c is < 0 in uncompress1()

From: Dr Michael Daly <"Dr>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 00:59:35 +1000 (EST)
Re: _c is < 0 in uncompress1()

something went wrong with my cron driven swish-e installation last month.
This coincided with a reboot of the NAS device its installed on, in the
process of restoring a C++ library file (/usr/lib/

Searches of the rebuilt spidered index now produce only this result:
_c is < 0 in uncompress1()
(whether searching is via the swish.cgi module or via command line)

But searches of a non spidered index built prior to the reboot work normally.

I am hoping there is any easy fix.

Swish is installed in a chroot environment in /opt, and Cron runs the
spidering  command overnight:
 /opt/bin/swish-e -S prog -c

I tried recompiling swish, then ran the index command and search worked
normally...until cron ran overnight. I then found the index file had
increased in size significanly, and search gave the:
_c is < 0 in uncompress1() error.

web_2.conf has contents:
   IndexOnly .htm .html .txt .doc .pdf .xls
   DefaultContents HTML*
   ReplaceRules remove http://localhost:104
   StoreDescription HTML <body> 200
   IndexFile /share/MD0_DATA/swish-e-files/swish-e-index/swish_2.index

spider.config has:
my ($filter_sub, $response_sub ) = swish_filter();
(at)not-real.servers = (

	base_url    => 'http://localhost:104/',
	email               => 'swish(at)',
        link_tags           => [qw/ a frame /],
        keep_alive          => 1,
        	test_url => sub {  $_[0]->path !~
/\.(?:gif|tif|jpeg|jpg|png|zip|gz|tar)$/i },
        test_response       => $response_sub,
        use_head_requests   => 1,  # Due to the response sub
        filter_content      => $filter_sub,
	debug	=> 'errors, failed, headers, info, links, redirect, skipped, url',

    } );

Note that the c++ file was replaced with a slightly different one: as thats all I could find. This has not disrupted
other programs.

Would appreciate any advice
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Received on Wed Aug 01 2012 - 14:59:34 GMT