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Re: [swish-e] Searching for numerics

From: Herman Knoops <"Herman>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 16:05:43 +0200
Without modifying Swish-e, maybe an idea to store phone numbers twice
(assuming the phone number is in a separate field and not in the middle
of some text). Sample of a single document in XML-format (see phone
number digits in normal and reverse order):

     some blabla

If a user searches for *60437 then search the field phone_rev
for 73406* instead of the regular phone field. Maybe a simple
bypass to tackle phone numbers for the time being ?

Herman Knoops
KnoMan b.v.

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Subject: [swish-e] Searching for numerics

On 09/07/12 02:11, Ron Soutter (AU) wrote:
> Now as we are dealing with engineering notes the phone number may be 
> captured in several different formats such as full IDD format
> +61396260437, or local internal format 00396260437 and without the
> dial prefix 0396260437 and without the state 96260437. Therefore 
> searching for the local extension 60437 fails to find any hits. As 
> swish cannot search for *60437 as leading wild cards are not 
> permitted.

On 06/07/12 06:49, Ron Soutter (AU) wrote:
> My colleague Terry noticed that swish versions 2.4.7 and before failed 
> when requested string was a phone number such as 0073332164 and one 
> searched for was 073332164
> I have a solution that is quick searching and should be easy to 
> implement. Just search the keys using brute force which will return in 
> this case 0073332164. Then rerun the search using the new query of 
> 0073332164.

Searches for all-digits strings should be performed right-to-left.
This is the way that internal searches in telephony systems work.

It would be useful if Swish-e would consider implementing searches this way;
as Ron points out later in relation to his own proposal:

> you will make it the first commercial product to implement this 
> enhancement.

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