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[swish-e] easy way to search words starting with a wildcard.

From: Ron Soutter (AU) <"Ron>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 15:49:54 +1000

My colleague Terry noticed that swish versions 2.4.7 and before failed when requested string was a phone number such as 0073332164 and one searched for was 073332164

I have a solution that is quick searching and should be easy to implement.  Just search the keys using brute force which will return in this case 0073332164. Then rerun the search using the new query of 0073332164.

This method of key searching is fast and results in supplying more accurate results than the current search. For example, a quick and dirty search program I wrote in 1996 found the single Microsoft word document that contained this phone number (0073332164).

My home brew real time disk file search uses just brute force which makes it somewhat slower than swish but at least it does deliver a result. It is faster to build a list of possible matching keys and search on these keys as input to swish.

If you build this functionality into swish you will make it the first commercial product to implement this enhancement. Google, Bing, Copernic and all other web searches all fail.

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