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[swish-e] question on sorting of returned index values

From: at <jozefn>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 10:29:18 -0700
Hello to all

I am reading 3 different tables from a mysql database and producing xml 
files that I want to index.

Mainly these files consist of a title and name field with some having 
additional fields.

Here is what is resulting from the indexing.  If a user enters a their 
full name in some cases the main name record is coming up as first in 
the result in other cases it is coming up farther down the list of results.

What I wish to know is how I might control the order of return so that I 
can say Name is first  - if a name is entered followed by title, next 
field, next field etc..

#Joseph Norris (Linux/Apache/Mysql/Perl - what else is there?)
print (at)not-real.c=map chr $_+100,(6,17,15,16,-68,-3,10,11,
16,4,1, 14,-68,12,1,14,8, -68,4,-3,-1,7,1,14,-68,
-26,11,15,1,12, 4,-68,-22,11,14,14,5,15,-90);

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Received on Tue Jun 26 2012 - 17:29:27 GMT