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[swish-e] Would you recommend swish-e in this scenario?

From: Juan Salvador Castejón <juans.castejon(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 30 2010 - 16:19:07 GMT
Hi all,

We are thinking about using swish-e but i am not sure if it's the best
option in our case. The truth is that I previously used swish-e some
years before, when it wasn't possible to index and search
simultaneously or to index incrementally and had several problems that
led me to reject it.

In the web site I have seen that, most of the issues I found at that
moment are solved right now, but I would like to show you my case in
order to get an opinion from you all if swish-e is the right choice.

There are about 1 million document (PDFs, Word, Excel,... no HTML)
stored in a huge shared disk. Each user has his own directory where he
stores his own files and some additional directories which can be
shared among several users (departments, workgroups, etc.).

We would like users be able to search just for those documents they
have accessed to. The time needed to index the whole domain should be
less than 24h if possible. The search engine could use any needed
hardware resources to a reasonable limit imposed by current advanced
server hardware (RAM, disk,...).

I know it is not much information but given this quantity of documents
(2M) and the security restrictions, would you recommend swish-e or I
should look for anything else?

Thanks a lot.

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Received on Thu Sep 30 12:19:08 2010