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Re: [swish-e] Parsing plain text emails to use the subject line as the title

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 26 2010 - 03:19:16 GMT
Troy Wical wrote on 3/24/10 11:50 PM:
> On Mar 24, 2010, at 10:23 PM, Peter Karman wrote:
>> yes. just do a:
>> % sudo cpan SWISH::3
> Ok, updated SWISH::3. Still got a long list of those warning again,  
> but the install was successful. SWISH::Prog report version 0.44.  
> Running the following command still provides me with a 14Mb perl.core  
> though :(
> swish3 -d -v 3 -S mailfs -c test.conf -i /home/mail-archive/test/

hm. then I don't think the problem is SWISH::3->slurp, since that should not be
getting called.

Just to be sure, I just bumped SWISH::Prog svn trunk version to 0.44_01 so if
you would, make sure you are running that. If you have r2926 installed, that's
the same code, but it will report version 0.44.

Can you run the swish3 command on a single file and see if that still segfaults?
A reproducible test case is best.

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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