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Re: [swish-e] Parsing plain text emails to use the subject line as the title

From: Troy Wical <troy(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2010 - 06:02:13 GMT
Ok, just now getting back to this.  I just installed SWISH::Prog via  
cpan. Then downloaded swish3 from 
  . Version 0.33 was gone by the time I got to this.  I made the file  
executable, but when I run it, it fails at line 9. Line 9 tries to  
reference the SWISH::3 module, which I am not able to build via cpan  
because I don't have libswish3 and libxml2.

This is all running from a BSD box. Debian is more my thing, but I am  
getting the hang of ports too now.  But of course, neither of these  
two programs are available in the ports directory.  I've been googling  
for a bit now and am having a hard time figuring out how to get these  
two installed.  Can I just git SWISH-3 from 
  and then do a 'make' from within the downloaded directory?

Thanks again for the help.

Peace, Troy

On Jan 4, 2010, at 9:03 AM, Troy Wical wrote:

> On Jan 4, 2010, at 9:00 AM, Peter Karman wrote:
>> Sorry, I realize my earlier email was terse.
> No worries at all. I appreciate the patience.
>> 1.
>> You want to install the SWISH::Prog package from CPAN:
>> % cpan SWISH::Prog
>> 2.
>> You do not need to use SWISH::API. The mail aggregator creates a  
>> regular
>> swish-e index, which you can search with the swish-e binary tool.
>> 3.
>> The SWISH::Prog package comes with an example script called 'swish3'
>> which can be used to index the mail. It will not be installed along  
>> with
>> the other .pm files, but you can either grab it from the .tar.gz  
>> file or
>> pull it from here:
>> You would run swish3 like this:
>> % swish3 -i path/to/maildir -S mail -c config-file
>> It will put all your index files in a directory called index.swish/.
>> Feel free to post back here with other questions.
> I'm really looking forward to trying this out, and will post back  
> results.
> Thanks again!
> Troy Wical

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