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Re: [swish-e] exclude line of text from indexing

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 09 2009 - 20:56:42 GMT
Rob Lingelbach wrote on 10/09/2009 03:52 PM:
> On Oct 9, 2009, at 5:48 PM, Peter Karman wrote:
>> fwiw, uses mailman + hypermail. Here is the code we use to
>> index our own mailing list:
> huh.  I used to use hypermail, and before that mhonarc, now I forget why
> I'm using pipermail, maybe because it's bundled with mailman, though  
> I'm not positive of that.
> will take a good look at the code you use.   Since I have all the list  
> archives going back to 1994 in mbox format, I can recreate whatever  
> archives would be best for swish-e.

you might also try the Mail aggregator in SWISH::Prog for 
reading/indexing the mail directly without the HTML intermediary step. 
But of course, then you won't have the pretty HTML to look at after 
you've found what you're looking for. :)

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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Received on Fri Oct 9 16:56:45 2009