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[swish-e] reconfiguring swish-e due to ctime/mtime problem

From: Rob Lingelbach <rob(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 08 2009 - 19:17:27 GMT
I have a mailing list going back many years with about 50k messages  
archived.  I've configured swish-e and run it successfully via shell  
and cgi.

Not long ago had to rebuild the html archives (via Mailman's 'arch'  
script) and unfortunately the file ctime/mtime were changed on the  
individual message.html files to a date in 2009.

The problem I have is in how to have swish-e configure search results  
based on the date of the message, rather than the message file's ctime  
(I believe it's ctime and not mtime that's used).

Since I thought perhaps someone had run into this problem before,  
there might be a set
of steps outlined somewhere to present search results based on a Date:  
indicator in multiple 'message.html' files.

thank you in advance,
Rob Lingelbach

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Received on Thu Oct 8 15:17:52 2009