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Re: [swish-e] Windows Set Up - Thanks

From: Jay Larson <jlarson(at)not-real.JJKELLER.COM>
Date: Fri Oct 02 2009 - 13:39:24 GMT
You can put me on the list for testers also.
And a vote to keep a Windows version.  That would be par for the course though if it went away.  We migrated from Windows IIS to Apache on HP-UNIX in 2002 because management wasn't sure the server was up to the task.  So I found Chilisoft ASP engine to use our existing VBScripted pages on Unix.  Then the database was converted from Informix to Oracle.  Then from Oracle to SQL Server.  Then Chilisoft was bought by Sun and upgraded (with various defaults that changed.)  Then Sun dropped support for Chilisoft, err Sun One ASP Engine.  So we looked into the Mono Project.  Not for HP-Unix, and too much work (timewise) for the Unix admin to compile and test.  And I have no interest in rewriting several thousand pages to PHP...
So we have taken the Blue pill and are on IIS(two servers with load balancing) with SQL Server.  Trying to keep SWISH-E as our search engine...

>>> On 9/30/2009 at 2:38 PM, in message <>, David Norris <> wrote:
I'm not sure that Windows will be supported for Swish-e 3.x but if we happen to have Windows users available to test then its at least a possibility. The hardest part of the years is the lack of Windows users willing to test builds. Invariably the Windows bug reports flood in a few days after a release rather than during the year(s) of development prior to it.

David L Norris

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