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[swish-e] PDF indexing won't work

From: Christoph Lechner <cl0074(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 22:55:34 GMT
Hi all!

[swish-e version 2.4.5 (Debian 5.0 stable)]

I'm new to swish-e and trying to index PDF files. drops some error messages that I don't understand. The
error messages are the same for any PDF file it tries to index.

spider@web-int:~/swish-e$ swish-e -S prog -c swish.conf
Indexing Data Source: "External-Program"
Indexing ""
External Program found: /usr/lib/swish-e/
/usr/lib/swish-e/ Reading parameters from 'default'
Processing http://kb/kb/tb/...
Processing http://kb/kb/tb/ATmega16.pdf...
Failed to set content type for document './swtmpfltraEpRfM'
Can't return outside a subroutine at
/usr/share/doc/swish-e/examples/filter-bin/ line 55.

Warning: filter
'/usr/share/doc/swish-e/examples/filter-bin/' exited with
non-zero status: [255]

If I wget one of the PDF files and run the test program, the contents of
the PDF is dumped to the console without error messages showing up:

/usr/share/doc/swish-e/examples/swish-filter-test --content --verbose

What's wrong?
- cl
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Received on Fri Sep 4 18:55:40 2009