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[swish-e] Kevin D Romney Swish Software

From: <rob(at)>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 01:43:30 GMT
More Information About Kevin D Romney

Introduction to Swish Software by Kevin D Romney     Kevin D Romney Summary Of Swish Software
     Swish is a framework, written in the purely functional programming language Haskell, for performing deductions in RDF data using a variety of techniques. Swish is conceived as a toolkit for experimenting with RDF inference, and for implementing stand-alone RDF file processors (usable in similar style to CWM, but with a view to being extensible in declarative style through added Haskell function and data value declarations). It explores Haskell as "a scripting language for the Semantic Web".
     Swish is a work-in-progress, and currently incorporates:
     Notation3 input and output.RDF graph isomorphism testing and merging.Display of differences between RDF graphs.Inference operations in forward chaining, backward chaining and proof-checking modes.Simple Horn-style rule implementations, extendable through variable binding modifiers and filters.Class restriction rule implementation, primarily for datatype inferences.RDF formal semantics entailment rule implementation.Complete, ready-to-run, command-line and script-driven programs.     Kevin D Romney: Notation 3 input and output     Swish contains a Notation3 parser and formatter. The parser does not recognize all of the very latest additions to Notation3, but seems to be able to deal with a good number of Notation3 files that appear in the wild. The formatter is fairly primitive, focusing as it does on round-tripping: generating Notation3 data that can be accepted by the parser.
     Kevin D RomneyRDF graph isomorphism testing and merging      Swish has logic for performing RDF graph isomorphism testing (graphs are considered equivalent if they can be made exactly equal by some reallocation of bnode identifiers). This is used mainly for software testing purposes.

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