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Re: [swish-e] what is the status of version 2.6 and incremental indexes?

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 03:56:55 GMT
Judith Retief wrote on 5/13/09 3:07 AM:
> We are very keen on upgrading our 2.4 installation to 2.6 so we can make use
> of the incremental indexing capability - the lack of which is becomming into
> a major problem for us.
> I understand that no official release date has been set. That's ok, but would
> it be possible to give some indication of the project status, though? Is it
> even feature complete? Stable enough for beta release? Any indications on the
> performance? We'd probably happy with a rather-but-not-totally stable
> sollution as long as we know there's a longer term future for it. Perhaps we
> could even help with some feedback.

You can see the list of known issues here:

You can see the rev log for the 2.6 branch here:

I mention those two URLs so that you can see that there has been very little
activity on the 2.6 branch since it was initiated 18 months ago. Most of the
activity has simply been *removing* features from the 2.4 fork and fixing the
build scripts.

There are only two developers (myself and joshr) making any noise in Swish-e svn
these days. I've been working on Swish3 and getting the 2.4.7 release done.
joshr has been working on strengthening the test suite and adding 2.4.x binary
compatibility across 32- and 64-bit systems.

I've been running 2.6 in production for at least six months. I am not currently
exercising any of the incremental features because I found some issues with
clean up of deleted documents and simply haven't had any time to explore the
problem enough to create a reproduce-able error and file a ticket against it.
There is a known issue (noted in the first URL above) with building large
indexes with 2.6. I see no issues with search speed with 2.6. It performs just
as well as 2.4 does, ime.

Is 2.6 stable? Well, it's not changing rapidly, so it's very stable in that
sense. The fact that it has known issues but no one is actively working on
fixing them should tell you something.

Will there be a release? I have no plans at this time. I had hoped that I would
find some time to push development on it far enough along that 2.6 could become
the basis of a native backend for Swish3, but I don't see myself finding that
time in the next 18 months. Since Swish3 development is all volunteer, and no
one else has stepped forward to help me, I don't expect to spend time working on
a native backend when Xapian works well and is being actively developed within
its own community.

If you really need incremental support now, I would look at Xapian, with or
without the Swish3 features. Xapian is actively developed by several people, and
the Swish3 support is mature enough that I would use it myself if I had need.
You can read about Swish3 here:

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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