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[swish-e] swish.cgi: Escaping special characters in $link_href

From: <u7l11ey(at)>
Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 18:45:53 GMT

I'm stumbling across a known deficiency in the swish.cgi script, where
special characters in link_href are not correctly escaped. The code reads:

# Replace spaces ***argh this is the wrong place to do this! ***
# This doesn't really work -- file names could still have chars that need
\ to be escaped.
$link_href =~ s/\s/%20/g;

The comment in the code makes it clear that the author is aware of the
problem, but apparently he hasn't found a solution yet.

The paths to the documents I am indexing regularly contain German umlaut
characters, which makes the hrefs generated by swish.cgi useless. Does
anybody have a working solution or workaround for this problem?

Unfortunately, my knowledge of perl is practically nonexistent, so I can't
come up with a solution myself.

Regards, Richard

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Received on Wed May 13 14:46:04 2009