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[swish-e] what is the status of version 2.6 and incremental indexes?

From: Judith Retief <JudithR(at)>
Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 08:07:50 GMT
  We are very keen on upgrading our 2.4 installation to 2.6 so we can make use of the incremental indexing capability - the lack of which is becomming into a major problem for us. 

  I understand that no official release date has been set. That's ok, but would it be possible to give some indication of the project status, though? Is it even feature complete? Stable enough for beta release? Any indications on the performance? We'd probably happy with a rather-but-not-totally stable sollution as long as we know there's a longer term future for it. Perhaps we could even help with some feedback. 


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Received on Wed May 13 04:07:54 2009