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[swish-e] Swish3 status

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 03:32:24 GMT
Despite some long periods of silence on this list, Swish3 development is in fact
progressing. I have updated the development wiki at:

with some brief notes on how and where to grab the latest code.

Here's a brief synopsis of where we stand and a plea for help.

libswish3 is the core C library. It's primarily a set of UTF8-aware parsers
built on top of libxml2. The core features from Swish-e have been implemented:
MetaNames, PropertyNames, XML (with SAX2 support), HTML and TXT parsers. There
is a new config file format that doubles as the index header file. Man pages and
example .c files are included showing how to use the library.

I've been putting the most time lately into getting the Xapian backend
functional. There are now distinct C++ and Perl implementations built around the
xapian-core package.

The Perl implementation uses SWISH::Prog, which now includes an example swish3
Perl script that attempts to implement a backwards compatible API with the
swish-e 2.4.x tool.

Here's where you come in.

There are many features left to implement in libswish3, particularly some of the
HTML parser config options. The SWISH::Prog example/swish3 script needs help
implementing the swish-e features. The Perl query parser needs some attention.
No attempt has been made to get anything working on Windows.

If you have coding skills, please take a look at the existing code and ask about
where you can contribute. You need not know C or Perl. Xapian supports many
languages (one of the chief reasons I picked it) and it would be great to get
PHP/Ruby/Python/YourLanguageHere support for the existing Swish3 implementation.

If you have writing skills, the documentation and examples always need help.

If you have Windows development experience, particular in porting C
applications, it would be nice to see Windows support for libswish3.

You can reply to this email, or find us on irc #swish-e at freenode. Join in the

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
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