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[swish-e] Adding an additional hyperlink

From: Richard Byrne MRCVS Partner <richard(at)>
Date: Sat Dec 13 2008 - 16:21:06 GMT
Dear Sir

We are using Swish-e Version 2.4.3 to index hundreds of PDFs documents on a 
server. I would very much like to have an additional hyperlink or even html 
form that is generated for each document and appears on the web page in the 
search list when the search is run. The idea is that the user can simply 
click this link to do something to the document rather than simply display 
it  for example send it directly to a PDF printer

The sort of code generated may be a bit like this e.g.

<a href="http://myserver/mydir/myfile">Link-currently-generated-by-Standard-
Swish-E</a> or this NEW FEATURE <a hef=my-new-perl-program-which-will-send-
FileToPrint=myserver/mydir/myfile</a>Click here to print this document 

Is it possible to do this ?

With my smattering of perl/unix/html I can produce the code for the 'perl 
print program' - I just need to know how to alter swish-e to insert a little 
extra html populated with the data from its swish index.

Thank you for your help


Oxfordshire, UK
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