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[swish-e] Swish-E 2.7.0 for Windows

From: Denis Fondras <swishe(at)>
Date: Sun Nov 09 2008 - 12:17:17 GMT

I'm currently trying to build Swish-E latest snapshot (2.7.0 - 
2008-11-08) on Windows XP SP3 with Visual Studio Pro 2008 (evaluation 

There are some mandatory steps to allow it to compile :

- Make sure every lib dependency is OK
(libdb, libxml2, libz, pcre)

- Remove 'xml.c', 'txt.c', 'html.c', 'http.c', 'httpserver.c' from 
'libswishindex' project and remove 'ramdisk.c' from 'libswishe' project
(these files don't exist anymore but are still in the project)

- Comment out line 113 of 'acconfig.h' :
//#define vsnprintf   _vsnprintf
(VS2008 already defines it and it conflicts)

- Move date_time.c line 57 to line 41 :
#include <sys/timeb.h>
(VS2008 doesn't allow includes in the code)

- In RELEASE profile, change link dependency from 'dllswish-e.lib' to 
'libswish-e.lib' in project 'swishe' (or the other way round, set the 
output file to 'dllswish-e.lib' in project 'libswishe')

- Comment out line 136/137 in 'stemmer.c' :
(don't know why references can't be found for these two...)

- In function '_DB_InitWriteHeader()' in 'db_native.c', line 671 
'swish_magic = readlong(SW_DB->fp_header, sw_fread);' makes swish-e 
crash when writing header file ("file doesn't exist" error during 
compress1 - line 106 of compress.c). Commenting out and fseeking for 
sizeof(long) (line 670) deals with the problem. If anyone have a clue 
about that problem...

Once that done, it compiles and works fine on my development platform.
I have to test it on different setups now.

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Received on Sun Nov 9 07:15:33 2008