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[swish-e] IndexOnly problem.

From: Tian Xinchun <tianxc(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 02:02:59 GMT
Dear experts,

I got one question on http indexing, below is my swish.conf:

SwishProgParameters spider.conf
IndexOnly .htm .html .txt .pdf .doc .ppt .xml .tex .eps .ps .log .jpg .cc 
.cxx .cpp .h
IndexContents TXT* .txt
DefaultContents HTML*
ParserWarnLevel 9

The index was generated by:
/usr/local/bin/swish-e -c swish.conf -S prog
but it seems that swish-e indexing all the files in the webpage which I do 
not want them to be indexed, such as *.root, *.gz etc.

Any help? Thanks.

Best Regards,

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