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[swish-e] 2.4.5 > Warning: document '...' has no content

From: Brad Bauer <bbauer(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 21:30:12 GMT
I have upgraded from 2.2.1 to 2.4.5, but now I get a 'Warning: document ...
has no content' error when attempting to index run the
I found a similar issue mentioned once in the archives, but the fixes
mentioned didn't have an effect.  
Stuff I have tried:
# every conceivable variation possible on swish-e and
# Remarking the "Accept-encoding" in does not help
$ wget  <> >
/home/username/content.html # works
$ ./ default  <> >
/home/username/content.html  # produces the result
# version 2.2.1 on the same system still works
Any ideas as to where I should look, or what I might test would be greatly
B Bauer

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