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Re: [swish-e] Search Results into New Window

From: Matt Paine <matt(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 02 2008 - 12:02:41 GMT
Hi Patrick

Can I take a guess and try target="_blank" in the form tag ? This is 
straight HTML, any html tutorial should be able to tell you how to open 
up your results in a new window.


Lykins, Patrick wrote:
> That was my initial try, and I looked again to make sure I did not miss
> anything.  The only place I could find the <a tag was in the swish.cgi
> was on line 1638 under "# Build "canned" pages HTML"  All that manages
> to do is to open the pages to a new window.
> Patrick L. Lykins
> System Analyst II
> Fairmont General Hospital
> 304-368-4572
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> On 05/29/2008 02:03 PM, Lykins, Patrick wrote:
>> I have been running Swish-E for about six months now and it worked
>> perfectly for our needs, however, there is one complaint that I have
>> been getting from our users.  Is there a way to open results in
> another
>> window?  I looked over the code to try to do it myself, but
>> unfortunately it's been almost a decade since I have worked with Perl
>> and couldn't figure out what changes I need made.
> depending on which template you are using, you just need to add a
> 'target="_blank"'
> attribute to the results <a> tag.

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