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Re: [swish-e] TemplateToolkit and Multiple Categories

From: Dan Lobo <dan.lobo(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 11:08:27 GMT
Thanks Peter, 


This is what I came up with, and remarkably, it seems to work!

To select all options by default, add the following line to your config:

        default_index => ['your.index'],

So in the context of your config file you should heave something like this:

return {
       swish_index      => [ '/home/','/home/','/home/','/home/' ],
select_indexes  => {
        method  => 'checkbox_group',
        labels  => [ 'Forum', 'Members', 'Public', 'Specialist' ],  # Must match up one-to-one to swish_index
        description => 'Select: ',
        default_index => ['/home/', '/home/','/home/','/home/'],

Please note, if you would like to index more than one file by default, you should add them in an array like format, as shown above.

This also seems to get rid of the index.swish-e not found error.

Hope this if of help to someone else.

Only problem that I can see is that not all the labels are ticked, despite the fact that they are selected as defaults??

Many kind regards, 

Dan Lobo

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