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[swish-e] Template-Toolkit and Windows XP

From: Susan Wilson <SusanW(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 06:53:38 GMT
I want to use SWISH-E to index some webpages held on my pc (Windows XP).
I do not know Linux or Perl.
This request is for help with a tool used with SWISH-E to format HTML
pages for dynamic content.  Template-Toolkit.
In your archives I found "Installing Swish-e, Apache and mod_perl for
Windows 2000/XP" <> provided
by Peter Morling.
I have installed Perl at C:\Perl\
I have installed SWISH-E at C:\SWISH-E\
I would like to install Template-Toolkit as well.
Peter's instructions say: "Obtain it from and use the Perl package manager (ppm)
to install it."   
I get to the download page: < >
As per the Pre-requisites on this page, I have used the Perl Package
Manager to install AppConfig.
Under "Platform-specific binaries -- Microsoft Windows" I followed their
link to "ActivePerl PPM packages" at 
< > 
Scroll down to find "Template-Toolkit".
This is where the instructions become a little fuzzy!  What do I do
next? What is a ppd file and how do I use it? 
I eventually found that the previous page had some [sort of helpful]
and realised [that possibly] I had to open a DOS window by running "cmd"
and then from the root directory of my C: drive, type the following, [I
ppm install
The result was the following error:
ppm install failed:  The PPD does not provide code to install for this
I saved the contents of the Template-Toolkit.ppd file as a file on my C:
drive and tried again:
ppm install Template-Toolkit.ppd
same error message
I tried:
ppm install file:///C:/Template-toolkit.ppd
same error message
even tried it with a file name Template.ppd 
still same error message
My PATH statement has C:\Perl\site\bin and C:\Perl\bin  specified right
at the beginning of the statement.
Can someone tell me why I'm getting this error message?  Have I done
something I shouldn't have? Have I missed doing something?
Is there another way of getting this installed?  I can access the
"tar.gz" file and WinZip shows me there are lots of files in it.  
Contents of Template-Toolkit.ppd:
<SOFTPKG NAME="Template-Toolkit" VERSION="2,13,0,0">


<ABSTRACT>comprehensive template processing system</ABSTRACT>

<AUTHOR>Andy Wardley &lt;;</AUTHOR>


<DEPENDENCY NAME="AppConfig" VERSION="1,55,0,0" />

<OS NAME="MSWin32" />

<ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8" />


<CODEBASE HREF="x86/Template-Toolkit.tar.gz" />




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