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[swish-e] incremental indexes

From: Brandon Shalton <brandon(at)>
Date: Sat Mar 22 2008 - 23:56:35 GMT
hello all,

i have started to use incremental indexing option because i wanted to be 
able to batch add to the index.  all was going great until i hit the 
2gig mark on the index file.

i have started another index file, so i will let that run until it 
reaches the 2gig file limit.

in looking at the files, i see the .idx and .wdata files at 2gig. 
zipping them up to bring them back from a remote server would still make 
for a huge file.

is there a way to merge the incremental index files to 1 index file such 
that its not in incremental mode?

incremental indexes have several files, whereas the normal indexing mode 
  has 2 files (.idx and .prop).

would using the merge commmand of 2 or more incremental indexes, merge 
them into a single (normal) swish index file?

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Received on Sat Mar 22 19:56:35 2008