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Re: [swish-e] Re: Proximity for Swish-e/SwishCtl

From: Herman Knoops <hk.sw(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 14:23:57 GMT

> 1. The paging I have implemented is pretty dumb. I thought it might be 
> better to pass the required start and end result to the control, and 
> just return those results.
> I can't seem to get the syntax right for 'SetSearchLimit':
> oSW.SetSearchLimit ("swishreccount", 1, 10)
> oSW.SetSearchLimit "swishreccount", 1, 10
For paging, we use the oSW.SeekResult and the
oSW.NextResult. The oSW.SeekResult initialises the
start position and subsequently call oSW.NextResult
in a loop (pagesize times).

> 2. In the past I have used something similar to this:
> swishdocpath=(" & strSearchPath & ")"
> in the SearchPhrase to limit search results to certain document paths.
> Is there a way to do something similar with SwishCtl ?
AFAIK the search syntax for metanames does not differ between
Swish-e and SwishCtl, so first experiment at the commandline
version of swish-e.exe.

Herman Knoops
KnoMan bv
The Netherlands

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