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[swish-e] swish-e - faceted browsing

From: Victor Babitchev <victor.babitchev(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 10:42:06 GMT
Hello list!

We use swish-e productive and very successfully 
(thanks again to all who made it possible!) for 
library applications since 2004. Our application 
eDOC is an addition to our OPAC (Online Public 
Access Catalog) to provide searching of electronic contents.

Nowadays, OPACs began slowly to be replaced with 
search engines. The faceted browsing is asked 
more and more as a feature of search engines 
enabling user to refine/navigate the results.

Say a query returned 1000 hits. And when the 
following facets were offered on the results screen:


2007 - 250

2006 – 130

2005 – 180



subject1 - 2000

subject2 - 2000

subject3 - 150


eng - 500

ger – 800

fr - 300


then the user, by step-by-step selections, could 
better come to the results s/he wishes.
Sure, a lot of you have seen already facets e.g. 
on Amazon pages where prices by ranges were presented.
It would be interesting to know whether somebody 
thought about that in applying to swish-e?

Best regards,

Victor Babitchev
The Austrian Library Network
Vienna, Austria


Our swish-e applications page (in German only)

about facets

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