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Re: [swish-e] swished prime time?

From: Josh Rabinowitz <joshr-swishe(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 13:44:45 GMT
Hello, Brad!

My understanding is that (on unix), if you have two index files, 
let's call them file1.index and file1.index.prop, and you overwrite 
them directly, then processes that have those files open will 
probably get confused - as you mention.

BUT, if you move the files aside (say, to file1.index-was and 
file1.index.prop-was) and put new files in their place, then 
processes with handles to the old index will continue to work with 
the old index, and newly started processes that use file1.index will 
begin using the new index.

You could even delete file1.index and file1.index.prop and put new 
files in their place, and processes that have the rm'ed index files 
open will continue to work (the contents of the file aren't marked as 
deleted from the disk until the last process closes the file).

On windows, the above probably isn't true. Feel free to ask on- or 
off-list for any clarifications!


At 8:26 AM -0500 2/26/08, Brad Miele wrote:
>Wow! service with a smile!
>It is hard to say if it needs it having not used the product. Our
>experience with our own mod_perl handlers is that searches made against
>the index while it was being swapped would hang and the apache procs would
>grow, etc. Granted, this was apache 1.x
>I can certainly start with things the way that they are and let you know.
>On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Josh Rabinowitz wrote:
>>  Hello, Brad:
>>  At this time, it does not automatically notice when an index has changed.
>>  You'd like SWISHED to automatically notice when an index has changed,
>>  and close and reopen it?
>>  If so, I'll write that in and re-release the software. Let me know!
>>  joshr
>>  At 8:00 AM -0500 2/26/08, Brad Miele wrote:
>>>  Thanks Josh,
>>>  One immediate question, does swished use something like SWISH::API::Stat
>>>  internally so we can swap out indexes on the fly? Our current index is
>>>  about 1.5 million records, and prior to SWISH::API::Stat we ran into
>  >> problems with this type of thing.
>  >>
>>>  On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Josh Rabinowitz wrote:
>>>>   Hello, Brad:
>>>>   Yes, SWISHED and its counterpart, SWISH::API::Remote are stable
>>>>  for production use. If you encounter any problems, let me know and
>>>>  I'll release a new version.
>>>>   The "official" distributions of SWISHED and SWISH::API::Remote are at
>>>>   and
>>>>   I've corrected the links to these packages in the source for the
>>>>  Swish-e website - thanks for making me aware that the link was
>>>>  broken.
>>>>   Can Peter or Bill arrange to have the web pages regenerated from
>>>>  the sources?
>>>>   Please let me know if you need help setting up SWISHED or
>>>>  SWISH::API::Remote, or if you have any success or problems!
>>>>   Thanks,
>>>>    Josh Rabinowitz
>>>>   At 6:54 AM -0500 2/26/08, brad miele wrote:
>>>>	Hello and greetings from the great white north,
>>>>	Is swished in active development and/or stable for production
>>>>  use? We are
>>>>	looking at centralizing our indexing servers and returning
>>>>  result sets in
>>>>	xml for all of this fancy AJAX stuff.Swished would seem to
>>>>  fit the bill.
>>>>	Is it stable? FYI, the link on
>>>> is broken,
>>>>	is: should be:
>>>>	best regards,
>>>>	Brad
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>>>>	Brad Miele
>>>>	VP Technology
>>>>	866 476 7862 x902
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