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Re: [swish-e] Search Results/Template Not Working Right

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 21:47:50 GMT
On 02/21/2008 03:31 PM, Adam Douglas wrote:
> Hi all. I have resolved 2 of the issues listed below see my comments.
>> 1. The description of the results always list the menu items 
>> and this is repeated for each item in the results. How can 
>> this be fixed to have a description that matches the context 
>> of the search and not have the menu items listed for the 
>> description of each result?
> This one has really stumped me. I have no idea what setting in Swish-e
> or alteration I may need to do to my web pages to fix this. Maybe there
> is a way to exclude indexing a portion of a web page however I believe
> that this should not be done because there can be valid cases when
> someone is searching to get the list of menu items for the description.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on this one?

swishdescription stores the first N bytes of text, and the default search templates look
for your query in those N bytes. If it can't find a match, it just returns the first X
number of bytes (chars) for the excerpt.

So increase N.

See the swishdescription docs.

Peter Karman  .  peter(at)  .

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