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Re: [swish-e] Search Results/Template Not Working Right

From: Adam Douglas <ADouglas(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 21 2008 - 21:31:50 GMT
Hi all. I have resolved 2 of the issues listed below see my comments.

> 1. The description of the results always list the menu items 
> and this is repeated for each item in the results. How can 
> this be fixed to have a description that matches the context 
> of the search and not have the menu items listed for the 
> description of each result?

This one has really stumped me. I have no idea what setting in Swish-e
or alteration I may need to do to my web pages to fix this. Maybe there
is a way to exclude indexing a portion of a web page however I believe
that this should not be done because there can be valid cases when
someone is searching to get the list of menu items for the description.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this one?
> 2. When searching and there is only one or a few results 
> returned the web page is goofed up. See this screenshots for 
> an example, or 
> How can I fix this?

I discovered that all the information was being rendered and that it was
a CSS issue entirely in my template.
Simply applied a clear and the issue was resolved.
> 3. When one gets to the last page of the search results the 
> web page is goofed up. See this screenshot for an example, 
> How can I fix this?

This was a logic issue that caused a two div element tags to not be
closed. I created an exception that if there is no more pages (if
!$next_count) a closing div tag is rendered.


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