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Re: [swish-e] How do I index via HTTP when authentication is

From: Adam Douglas <ADouglas(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2008 - 22:26:39 GMT
Hi Bill. Thanks for your reply. see below for comments/questions.

> I'm not sure why it's any more dangerous to require/allow the 
> swish-e spider to login to an application than any other user 
> agent that presents credentials.  In fact for a public facing 
> application, far more checks can be applied 
> (username/password;IP_address;one-of-a-
> kind user agent) to the spider than is feasible with a normal 
> user's login.
> Merely enabling cookies by itself presents just as much risk 
> of forgery.

This is true. I just don't like to open up GET posts when its not
necessary. All logins are done via a POST and by going to /login/ URL.
Logouts are /logout/ and nothing more in the URL. I'll maybe give this a
try then and see what I can make of it.
> Anyway, here's a snip from my @servers:
> @servers = (
>          {
>          base_url    => ' 
> _function=checkpw&userid=swishe&password=swishe&remember=no',
>          use_cookies => 1,
> #        debug => DEBUG_URL | DEBUG_SKIPPED | DEBUG_FAILED |  
>          delay_sec => 1,
>          test_url    => sub {
>                  my  $ok =  !($_[0]->path =~ / && 
> $_[0]-  >query =~ /_function=logout/);
>                  return 1 if $ok;
>                  return; },
> ...
> Essentially, the spider logs in as the user 'swishe' so it 
> sees the same content as any similarly privileged user. 
> remember=no means don't give swish-e a long-term cookie to 
> re-authenticate with.
> use_cookies allows the application to provide, and swish-e to 
> use the session cookies needed for access test_url keeps the 
> spider from following a link to log out, to assure we follow 
> all links.

Ahhh okay this makes more sense now. oh, mmm I wonder if I can still
apply that test_url when all I have is a path. I guess I'll find out.

Thanks Bill!

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