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[swish-e] Internal error in remove_worddata_longs

From: LABIT Cedric SCE <cedric.labit(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 17:29:59 GMT

    I have a problem with switch-e when i make un index with a lot of files or when i merge 2 bigs indexes files.

The error is "Internal error in remove_worddata_longs"

Removing very common words...
no words removed.
Writing main index...
Sorting words ...
Sorting 2,404,781 words alphabetically
Writing header ...
Writing index entries ...
  Writing word text: Complete
  Writing word hash: Complete
  Writing word data: ...err: Internal error in remove_worddata_longs

I use linux 2.6.8 on an Intel IBM server and swish-e 2.4.5

diskinux:~/swish-e-2.4.5# uname -a
Linux diskinux 2.6.8 #2 Wed Jan 2 17:51:39 CET 2008 i686 GNU/Linux
diskinux:~/swish-e-2.4.5# swish-e -V
SWISH-E 2.4.5

I look in compress.c and add some debugs to have more outputs when the error occurs.

         /* This must not happen. Anyway check it */
    994         if(dst > src) {
    995             printf("\r SRC=%p \n",src);
    996             printf("\r DEST=%p \n",dst);
    997             printf("\r DATA LEN=%d \n",data_len);
    998             printf("\r WORDDATA=%p \n",worddata);
    999             printf("\r sz_worddata=%d \n",*sz_worddata);
   1000             printf("\r nextposmetaID=%d \n",nextposmetaID);
   1001             printf("\r size of long=%d \n",sizeof(long));
   1003             //printf("\r Internal error in remove_worddata_longs\n");
   1005            progerr("Internal error in remove_worddata_longs");
   1006         }

diskinux:/partage/WREP/swish-e# ls -al index-RADEQUA.swish-e*
-rw-r--r--  1 wasac 502 2455671388 Jan  3 22:07 index-RADEQUA.swish-e
-rw-r--r--  1 wasac 502   27276878 Jan  3 22:04 index-RADEQUA.swish-e.prop

diskinux:/partage/WREP/swish-e# ls -al index-OLEANE.swish-e*
-rw-r--r--  1 wasac 502 387636195 Jan  3 17:38 index-OLEANE.swish-e
-rw-r--r--  1 wasac 502   4402106 Jan  3 17:38 index-OLEANE.swish-e.prop

My debug output when i merge 2 indexes files

[wasac@diskinux swish-e]$ swish-e -e -M index-OLEANE.swish-e index-RADEQUA.swish-e index-ALL2.swish-e
Input index 'index-OLEANE.swish-e' has 57988 files and 129378 words
Input index 'index-RADEQUA.swish-e' has 357992 files and 2136935 words
Getting words in index 'index-OLEANE.swish-e': 129378 words
Getting words in index 'index-RADEQUA.swish-e': 2136935 words
Processing words in index 'index-ALL2.swish-e': 2230594 words
Removed      0 words no longer present in docs for index 'index-ALL2.swish-e'
Writing main index...
Sorting words ...
Sorting 2,230,594 words alphabetically
Writing header ...
Writing index entries ...
  Writing word text: Complete
  Writing word hash: Complete
 DATA LEN=269738248
 size of long=4
err: Internal error in remove_worddata_longs

So this error must not be happen. What can be the origin of this bug ?

Thanks fo your help.





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