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Re: [swish-e] XML parsing not returning Title

From: Robinson Craig <Craig.Robinson(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 22:56:05 GMT
On 11/26/2007 11:30 AM, Peter Karman wrote:

>> # SWISH format: 2.2.3
>try using a current version for starters. 2.2.3 is over 4 years old.
>When I try with 2.5.6 (current svn trunk) I get parsing errors for both
index.html and showerheads.html. I'm guessing that the SWISH::Filter
output is not valid XML and would require some fixes (closing singleton
<meta /> tags for  example).
>but try the most recent release first and see how that affects things.
>Peter Karman  .  peter(at)  .

Hi Peter,

I've run the same config and files with 2.4.5 (current stable release)
installed on a DEV box (in readiness for deployment out to PROD), with
the same result (incidentally with no parsing errors).

Cheers, Craig

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