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[swish-e] How can I adjust the META names before an HTML document is indexed?

From: Ben Ostrowsky <ben(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2007 - 21:30:59 GMT
I'd like to glean metadata from the documents I'm indexing.  The
documents have a predictable format:

 <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff">
   <H1>[list-name] title of message</H1>
    <B>name of message author</B>
    <A HREF="..."
       TITLE="...">username at

I'd like to be able to search these documents with "swish-e -w
authorname=foo" or "swish-e -w authoremail=bar".

At what point during the process of indexing would it be possible to
manipulate things so that I can do this?  Can I, for example, add a
directive somewhere saying:

@metanames{qw( msgtitle authorname )}
  =~ /<H1>[list-name] (.*)</H1>\w+<B>(.*)</B>/g;

or something like that?


"Don't get suckered in by the comments;
 they can be terribly misleading.
 Debug only code."  -- Dave Storer
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Received on Fri Sep 7 17:30:59 2007