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[swish-e] Limiting searches with swishdocpath and swish.cgi

From: Dustin Masterson <dusto(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2007 - 19:48:17 GMT

I'm successfully gotten swish-e indexing things and the searching with 
swish.cgi is working just fine too.

I am wondering if there is a way, using swish.cgi to limit searches to only 
certain document paths. What I'm looking to do is provide a text box for 
users to search  swishdefault and then a drop down menu for them to limit 
the search to certain areas of the site (eg searching swishdocpath). I did 
not see mention of this in the swish.cgi documentation. From looking under 
the hood it looks like you can only search multiple metaNames with the same 
search terms, while what I'm looking to do is search swishdefault with 
search term a while I search swishdocpath with search term b. Any advice 
would be lovely.

Info about what I'm running:
swish-e: 2.4.1
system: SunOS 5.9 Generic_118558-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1500

Thanks, -Dustin-

Dustin Masterson
Office for Information System
Harvard University Library
90 Mount Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

voice: 617.495.3724
   fax: 617.496.5600

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