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[swish-e] Feature request: Additional internal document properties

From: Tim Cera <tcera(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 13:51:17 GMT
I am using swish-e to index files on our internal network, but can't
figure out how to get other document properties (like file owner, last
accessed, ...etc.) into the index.  My desire is to be able to search on
files owned by a particular user or group, and be able to identify files
that no one cares about any longer (through the last accessed date).
Feature request:
Add at least st_uid, st_gid, and st_atime to the internal document
properties.  The st_uid and st_gid should be translated to their text
I found the place in src/file.c where the files are 'stat'ed and only
the filename, size, and last modified properties are stored. I was
thinking that I could apply my limited 'C' programming skills to extend
the internal properties to include the others that I wanted (st_uid,
st_gid, and st_atime), but quickly came up against several realities.
First, I could probably figure out how to add the properties to fprop,
but how do I then get them into the index?  Second, I really want the
login name/group name, not the st_uid/st_gid numbers.  Third, I want
st_atime to have the same date search functions available for last
modified.  Fourth, I don't know what I am doing (but this has rarely
stopped me in the past).
I think adding to the code would be the best solution, especially since
swish-e is already doing the 'stat'.
If this request is tabled or rejected is there another way to accomplish
this?  Could I use a filter that would filter everything and add the
properties that I want?  Can I have muliple filters for the same file?
Even if I could do it this way, would I want to?  Any ideas?
Kindest regards,

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Received on Thu Jun 14 09:51:24 2007