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[swish-e] problem with PDF author

From: Benoît PAGES <ext.getronics.bpages(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 08:23:48 GMT
I have a problem with the author property names of my PDF. I have the name of a city in author property. It's OK for many city but the big city (Lyon, yes in France) have district. In my form I have :
<option value="La Mulatière">La Mulati&egrave;re</option>
<option value="La Tour de Salvagny">La Tour de Salvagny</option>
<option value="Limonest">Limonest</option>
<option value="lyon">Lyon</option>
<option value="Lyon 1er">Lyon 1er</option>
<option value="Lyon 2°">Lyon 2&egrave;me</option>
<option value="Lyon 3°">Lyon 3&egrave;me</option>
<option value="Lyon 9°">Lyon 9&egrave;me</option>
<option value="Marcy l'Etoile">Marcy l'Etoile</option>
<option value="Meyzieu">Meyzieu</option>
It's a OK for all the city but not for :
- Lyon 1er
- Lyon 2°
- Lyon 3°
- ...
- Lyon 9°
The requeste is : /usr/local/bin/swish-e -f /local/swish-e/index/index.delibdev -w "((author = 'Lyon 3°') and (keywords = (not "RAPPORT"))) " -d '@@@@@' -H 1 -p subject keywords author -s subject asc keywords asc -b 1 -m 10 -x '%c @@@@@ %t @@@@@ %p @@@@@ %r @@@@@ %l @@@@@ %D @@@@@ @@@@@ @@@@@ \n'
In the PDF : the author property is Lyon 1er,Lyon 2° ...
Have you a solution
Merci beaucoup

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Received on Fri Jun 8 04:24:46 2007