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[swish-e] Limits flag in swish.cgi

From: Douglas Fox <>
Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 19:48:11 GMT
I need to include on a search form a query for a range within one metaname index. 

I have been using swish.cgi, but when I try this type of search using the -L flag, it comes up 
with no hits.

For example, the search "pratesi -L DCTERMS.spatial h t" in my form (which is still pretty 
close to the standard swish.cgi form) returns no results, though the corresponding search 
from the command line,

"swish-e -w pratesi -L DCTERMS.spatial h t" limits to the correct portion of the 
DCTERMS.spatial (i.e. placename) index.

I can successfully do an ordinary search on a metaname from the form, e.g. a search such 
as DCTERMS.spatial=villach works. Boolean operators also work.

Does swish.cgi support use of the -L flag in searches? Any suggested workaround, if not?

TIA for any advice,

Doug Fox

Douglas Fox
Systems Librarian
Victoria University Library
71 Queen's Park Crescent
Toronto, ON  Canada M5S 1K7
416-585-4552 Fax: 585-4591

Every word, when once it is written, is bandied about, alike among those who 
understand and those who have no interest in it ... - Socrates

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