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[swish-e] Sound advice for RHEL4 install

From: Douglas Fox <>
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 16:48:29 GMT
I have been testing Swish-e on a Windows machine for a couple of months while I put 
together a small indexing project. It is great software and I'm really pleased, especially with 
the support for meta tags and templating. (I'm using SWISH::TemplateHTMLTemplate to 
create a custom search form and results list.)

I'm now ready to move the project to our Redhat (RHEL 4) / Apache production web server. It 
already has Perl and mod_perl installed.

I would very much appreciate any good advice for those contemplating putting Swish-e on a  
RHEL server. I have looked at the the documentation for Linux installs in general, and noted 
the advice on use of the -R option when compiling in Redhat. But for instance, should I use 
the existing Perl support, or install another Perl? Any special pitfalls to avoid?

Many thanks for any advice.

Doug Fox

Douglas Fox
Systems Librarian
Victoria University Library
71 Queen's Park Crescent
Toronto ON M5S 1K7
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