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[swish-e] ReplaceRules

From: <Rene.Kloos(at)>
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 13:57:36 GMT
Thanks for all the help I got so far. I appreciate it!

Here's another question concerning the ReplaceRules. I need to replace a part
of the URL used to access stuff on Domino. A typical example:


should become:


I have used the following ReplaceRule:

ReplaceRules regex !3adm0127\.nsf/\w+?/!3adm0127.nsf/LookUpByUniqueID/!

but it simply refuses to do the job.

The regular expression is valid, I have tried it out in a Perl script because
I was going bananas. Mind the question mark in \w+? to avoid the default

Kind regards,


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