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[swish-e] Unknown Index file format after upgrade 2.3 -> 2.4.5

From: Rainer Hofmann <hofmann(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 09:23:27 GMT
Since I had to change to a new linux server system, I also had to 
upgrade swish-e (2.3. -> 2.4.5.)
I use it on a file server for indexing PDF-files, which seems to work fine.
"swish-e -f index.swish-e -T INDEX_WORDS" shows expected contents.

[root@merten6 scripts]# uname -a
Linux merten6.merten.lab #1 SMP Tue Feb 27 
16:39:11 EST 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Sample of  a config file:
[root@merten6 scripts]# cat /etc/swish-e/swish-e.conf
ReplaceRules replace /mnt/sdc8/DATEN/RohdatenArchiv 
IndexDir /mnt/sdc8/DATEN/RohdatenArchiv/
IgnoreWords File: /etc/swish-e/stopwords/RohdatenArchiv.txt
IndexOnly .pdf
FileFilter .pdf  pdftotext   "-opw xxxxxxx '%p' -"
IndexContents TXT* .pdf
IndexFile /mnt/sdc8/DATEN/RohdatenArchiv/index.swish-e
[root@merten6 scripts]#

 From Wiin2000  machines, that are running swish-e 2.4.5 for Windows, 
queries result in an error message.
Usually we use the little frontend "ssst" to do the queries. But even 
commandline query doesn't work

C:\Programme\SWISH-E>swish-e -w Methanol -f  
err: Index file error: File "k:\daten\RohdatenArchiv\index.swish-e" has 
an unknown format.

The Win2000 clients don't have a complete Perl installed, which wasn't 
necessary as long they were running swish-e 2.3 .

Kind regards

Rainer Hofmann (Dipl. LM-Ing.)
Chem. Labor Dr. Merten GmbH
Tel: +49 761 2964824
Fax: +49 761 296482524
!wichtige Mitteilungen, die nicht in 
!Filtersystemen haengen bleiben duerfen,
!bitte per FAX

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