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[swish-e] swish api for .net application

From: Herman Knoops <hk.sw(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 08:18:04 GMT
> Can you p/invoke the libswish-e dll?  I haven't much experience there.
> I think you should be able to access most or all functionality in the
> SWISH API that way.

Maybe it's an idea to contact the person who promised to
to publish a C# interface on Swish-e (this would be ideal
for a .Net environment). See 

Using/accessing a traditional DLL via p/invoke or
marshalling can become a real hazzle if complex
types are present on the interface (simple types
is no problem with System.Runtime.InteropServices).

Alternatively you can use SwishCtl.dll in an ASP.Net
environment relative easy if you use the directive
ASPCompat="true" at the top of the .aspx page

Herman Knoops
KnoMan b.v.

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Received on Tue Mar 27 04:17:41 2007