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Re: [swish-e] How to be compliant

From: <goran(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 13:13:01 GMT

Peter Karman <> wrote:
> > 2. Bundle binary only files in our win32 Gjallar zip AND explain in
> > Readme that Gjallar uses Swish-e version x unmodified and that src is
> > available at <URL> and point to for more info.
> I think that #2 meets the terms of the GPL license section 3 subsection c. You 
> are distributing executable copies of the program, using an unmodified version, 
> and IIRC the windows swish-e version includes with it a copy of the COPYING 
> (GPL) file, which dictates that the source is available.

Ok, but if I understood you correctly - it is ok if we do not include
the actual source and instead point to our server where the pristine
original source and binary distribution files are located (copied from

Btw, this is only in order to keep the download in trim - I don't mind
bundling the source too in theory. In fact, the source for Swish-e is
pretty small now that I look more closely...

> > 3. Also put Swish-e logo into the "Sys info" page inside Gjallar.
> that would be cool, but above and beyond the license of course. :)

Yeah, sure. :)

> > Btw, bundling binary files is something we would only do for the Win32
> > download for Gjallar. And soonish we will also offer an NSIS installer
> > for Win32 and the same would go for that.
> Am I understanding that this Gjallar is a Win32 project only? Then I think 
> you're covered.

Gjallar is definitely not Win32 only but it is only for Win32 that we
want to disitribute Gjallar with "everything included" to give the
developers/users playing with it the least hassle.

The Linux/Unix crowd is a different audience and for them we instead
include instructions to install/build Swish-e (and graphviz and one or
more things).
regards, Göran

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