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[swish-e] How to be compliant

From: <goran(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 08:34:33 GMT
Hi folks!

I am the lead developer of an open source (new "BSD" licensed, issue tracker called Gjallar - We use Swish-e in it with great success so far - no
modifications and still we only call it through the executable, not
using the C API.

Now... I am about to make a 0.4 release and realized we have not been
compliant so far, <cough, cough>. Until now we have offered a win32 zip
bundle - and in that I included the swish-e binaries, but without
source. We also haven't had the src available on, as we
should have.

After checking a bit more I think we should do this:

1. Copy the binary and src files from (the particular
versions we use) and publish them both "verbatim" on too,
unless you think it is better for us to only point to of

2. Bundle binary only files in our win32 Gjallar zip AND explain in
Readme that Gjallar uses Swish-e version x unmodified and that src is
available at <URL> and point to for more info.

3. Also put Swish-e logo into the "Sys info" page inside Gjallar.

Btw, bundling binary files is something we would only do for the Win32
download for Gjallar. And soonish we will also offer an NSIS installer
for Win32 and the same would go for that.

Would this be satisfactory? I presume so, but I just wanted to check to
make sure. :)

regards, Göran

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