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Re: question from a new user: open search result links to local files

From: Michael Erdmann <michael_erdmann(at)>
Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 20:46:30 GMT
Bill Moseley schrieb:
> Better way?
> To allow access to any file you index (which could be anywhere on your
> hard disk) but to not provide full access to your hard disk via the
> web interface?
> Or just provide web access to any file on your hard disk that is also
> in the swish-e index?  In that case you would need a script to fetch
> the documents for you by first testing that they are in the index.
> Seems like you should to rethink where you put your documents -- or at
> least what you index and place them in a few directories that you can
> alias.
I planned to use swish-e as a kind of desktop search-engine. For private 
usage I have no problem to
put my documents in a place where the webserver can access them. But I 
want to use swish-e also
in my company to index the project directories in the network. I want to 
place the index in a public
directory and share it with my team members. In this case I can not 
change the whole network and
directory structure and my admins will also have a problem to create 
aliases for whole network shares :-).
That's why I'm looking for an alternative way. An other idea was to 
write a small windows tool which
will copy the link by right clicking it from the search result and open 
it via windows if I can't access it via
the webserver.
Received on Sat Jan 27 12:46:33 2007