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Re: SWISH-e 2.4.4 RPMs for Fedora Core 6

From: Simon A Wilper <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 2007 - 23:32:37 GMT
Hi David,

> I think it makes sense to split out SWISH::API since its unbundled from
> swish-e.  
> I also think the other Perl-related bits should be in separate packages.

Okay.  That would be the filters and template Perl modules and the
corresponding documentation.  Do we want them to form a third package or
 go together with the SWISH::API into one "swish-e-perl" RPM?

> There is an old RPM spec file in swish-e/rpm/swish-e.spec.

Where exactly is that file located?

> My main problem with maintaining
> Fedora RPMs was the lack of CPAN modules provided by Fedora.  swish-e
> always ended up with 30 perl dependencies that couldn't easily be
> fulfilled by RPMs.  Maybe that situation is better now?

Hm.  There are in fact some minor dependencies (e.g. Date Perl modules)
but nothing we really need to be concerned about since FC6 is well
equipped with Perl modules.

I built the RPMs for 2.4.4 and had no problems at all.  The only thing I
needed was the build-requirement of swish-e itself for the SWISH::API.

Received on Thu Jan 11 15:32:43 2007