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From: Terry Huss <terry.huss(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 18:41:37 GMT
I have implemented Swish on my site quite some time ago and have run
into a recurring problem with the indexed results.  There are a couple
files that simply are not being captured.  I currently have the engine
setup to use the HTTP method to access the files, and it works
reasonably well.  The two files in question are both PDFs and are
located in a publicly accessible directory (along with 1,000 other
reference documents).  The past attempt I dispersed the two files into
"test" folders in 5 different directories, but again they were not found
by Swish.  Several questions for ya...
Are there any known patterns to how the indexer moves through the
directories? =20
Are there properties to a particular directory/file which would cause
the indexer to skip it?
I feel like I am just rolling dice each time I run the
there any way to more closely dictate its performance?
Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to provide!


Terry E. Huss II
LAN Administrator
DENR - Pollution Prevention


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